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Josh Hamilton….Hit’s 28 Home Runs in 1st Round

Josh HamiltonJosh Hamilton just hit 28hr in the first round of the 2011 Home Run Derby, never before in any round of historic home run derby has this ever been accomplish.

Josh was hitting these bombs 500 ft and making it look easy, I think Babe Ruth & the old crew was smiling tonite because I’ve never seen such a show of power.

Sam Sosa once hit a home run 524 ft but everyone know about that era. Josh Hamilton was hitting HRs 500 ft easily, and of his one those home runs was 518 ft and he simply smile because it all most left the stadium.

New York Yankee Fans…

Fans in Yankee Stadium cherried him on as one of their on in beloved fashion truely something to be seen, NY fans really love watching history beening made because it was made tonite, Mr Hamilton will be mention with all of the other greats who starred in Yankee Stadium.

I think Josh’s dream has came true, 5 yrs ago he wasn’t in Major League Baseball, now his a legend in a league of legends, a true role model that all kids can look up to, he has learn’d his lesson from his past mistakes put has life back together & living his dream come true, now having the time of his life.

In closing I would like to thank ESPN, MLB, and those NY Yankee Fans for showing America our true past time is back, letting us put aside for moment all of the BS that’s going on in todays sports world… NFL and NBA could take some lessons from tonite performance, from a guy who lost it all… only to getting it back by trusting in God, believing in himself and his dream & other people believing in him a True America Hero!!!!

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