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IM Training Videos


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IM Training Videos are provided by Top Affiliate, Your Success Starts Here !

Here’s everything you’ll ever need as far training is concerned with Internet Marketing, and how to the setup your website. From choosing your domain name to building unlimited back links to your site, how to setup your affiliate pages at ClickBank to all of your download pages on your website, It’s All In One Place.

Top Affiliate is committed to helping Internet Marketer get on the fast track of learning the in & out of Internet Marketing with Solutions that work! So Bookmark this page “Now” and you’ll never be lost when it comes to what to do next in your Online Business Your Success Really Starts Here!

1.Choosing a good domain name

2.Registering your domain name at 000domains

3.Setting up your DNS at 000domains

4.Choosing a web host provider

5.Setting up a pop email account

6.Configuring your pop email account in Outlook Express

7.Setting up your signature in Outlook Express

8.Opening and downloading zip & pdf files – zipping files with WinZip

9.Uploading webpages and files to a website with CuteFTP

10.Setting up an account with ClickBank

11.Setting up a sales & thank you pages for resell rights product using ClickBank

12.Setting up thank you page and order link with ClickBank

13.Setting up thank you page and order link with PayPal

14.Installing envtest to get proper paths to perl on your server

15.Starting an ezine and installing a perl mailing list program

16.Formatting and delivery of your ezine

17.HTML and how it works

18.Beginners HTML, centering text, creating breaks and paragraphs etc

19.More HTML, making changes to your text

20.More beginners HTML, adding images

21.HTML – Making links and linking images

22.HTML – Creating tables, rows and columns

23.Using HTML templates quickly and easily

24.Using Good Keywords for keyword research

25.Creating the title tag and meta tags for your website

26.Optimizing your website for search engine – keyword density and content

27.Writing ad copy

28.Importance of testing your copy

29.Submitting your site to the search engines

30.Installing and ad tracking and split testing program

31.Using your ad tracking and split testing program

32.Creating classified ads

33. Increase your rankings by building your link popularity

34.Creating your first ebook

35.Compiling your ebook in EXE format

36.Compiling your ebook in PDF format

37.Making your EXE ebook brandable

38.Making your PDF ebook brandable

39.Running your affiliate program with ClickBank

40.Installing a customer support desk

41.Using your customer support desk

42.Creating a password protected area of your site

43.Adding forms to your site for easy feedback from your visitors

44.Installing free blog program

45.Using your blog

46.Promoting affiliate programs

47.Creating redirects for your affiliate links to shorten them

48.Installing a shopping cart, affiliate and ad tracking system all in one

49.Beginner RSS Feeds


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