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Effective Public Speaking Tips

Effective Public Speaking TipsArticle Man



Even if you’re not experienced at public speaking, you can do it! There are occasions in everyone’s life where we are called on to speak before an audience; it doesn’t have to be a difficult or embarrassing event for you. Try to view it as an exciting challenge. There are many things to keep in mind for effective public speaking tips, but you can be comfortable and do well with just a few of them, so here they are.



A Effective Public Speaking Tip is Know Your Material



When you’re speaking, it’s important that you know your material, and that doesn’t just mean that you have the words memorized. For effective public speaking, you need to understand what you’re saying. It will give your speech confidence and conviction that you, an amateur speaker, would not be able to duplicate if you didn’t know the material as well. Make sure to practice your speech thoroughly, and prepare memory aids such as index cards to help you through it. Don’t read from your notes directly, however. They should be used to remind you of key points, not as a script for you to recite verbatim.



Another Effective Public Speaking Tip Use Your Body Language



You will look and feel more confident if you move around while you speak. Illustrate points with your hands, visual aids, or props. Use gestures to punctuate key points. Being comfortable enough with your material to speak with your gestures will do a great deal to add personality and interest to your speech.



Make Eye Contact is Sure Effective Public Speaking Tip



Eye contact makes your audience feel involved. Whenever you are not glancing down at your notes, you should be looking at the people you are speaking to. Use the three-second rule to judge how long to make eye contact with a particular person: look at one person for three seconds, glance up and survey the whole audience, then establish eye contact with a new person. This technique helps you draw your audience in without bringing down the intensity of too much attention on one person.



Take A Breath



If you don’t pause between phrases and sentences, you will quickly make your audience and yourself feel out of breath. So be sure to pause periodically. Breathe between sentences. Stop for dramatic effect. Pauses will help add interest and texture to your speech while allowing yourself and your audience some time to collect your thoughts.



Know When To Stop



As you’re rehearsing your speech you should be timing it. You may have different amounts of time available to you depending on the nature of the occasion, but no matter what the amount of time is, it shows disrespect for your audience and poor planning on your part if you talk at excessive length. Adjust and revise your speech until it takes the right amount of time. Make sure that you practice the speech every time you change it, because words that look good on paper are very different from words that are pleasing to the ear. In order to make an effective speech, you need to learn to hear the difference.



Let Them Know Too



Your audience will appreciate knowing when your speech is ending. You can signal that you’re nearing the end by returning to an earlier point; for instance if you started with a joke about your cooking, then conclude with another joke about your cooking. This gives your speech symmetry. When you’re done thank your audience if you enjoyed these Effective Public Speaking Tips  please share this post.

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