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Augmented Reality via 3D3C There’s more to it than Google Glass.

Good Information about Augmented Reality via 3D3C Dr.Yesha Sivan Shares his views about Augmented Reality Future.


The famous department store, Selfridges (in Oxford Street, London) had their first
augmented reality window display to advertise the brand of watches “Tissot”. The way they
used the technology allowed people to “try on” the watches. You will see what I mean – it is
quite amazing.

This level of AR usage is out of reach for most local businesses right now, but as the
technology improves and becomes cheaper and more accessible, smaller businesses will be
able to use AR for this sort of application.

I have included this case study to help fuel your
ideas and awareness of what is possible. Remember, you need to think of the future. When
the technology is available, be there to be the first to bring it into a marketing application in
your area.

Also, if you are consulting for bigger businesses, now or in the near future, this
may not be entirely out of reach for you as it is. You need to research it!

You can watch the video here first:

This campaign ran for a total of two weeks and increased sales of Tissot at Selfridges by
85%! The video got over 50,000 views on YouTube, and there was a 600% increase in PR
activity within the brand.

Consumers were able to virtually model a 3D projection of the entire Tissot range without
having to enter the store. With 28 different variations to choose from, shoppers on Oxford
Street were able to experience different selections of dial and strap combinations, at the
twist of a wrist.

The display was created by Holition (, a 3D
augmented luxury retail brand technology provider.

Imagine striking up JV deals with companies like Holition, to bring this technology to your
clients in the future. Anything is possible.

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