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Adsense Income – 4 Things to Remember


Making money with Google adsense can be condensed into three steps:

1Find a good, workable niche. Google-Logo
2.  Choose the right keyword phrases.
3. Build a simple site and promote it.
4. Rein in your expectations.

A simple site that is easy to read and navigate and consistent effort to promote the site and build backlinks is a straight path to adsense income in future months…and years.

Finding a Niche

Niches are everywhere you look.  From the food you buy to the pan you cook it in, you have niches.  From the pet med your veterinarian prescribes to building a shed in your back yard, there is a niche in everything.   Choosing a niche to use for your site or blog requires ideas for niches, simple keyword research to find niches that fill the public needs or wants, and finding the best terms to use when writing content for that niche site.

Choosing Keywords

Once you have a niche, identify 5 main keywords, 5 additional keyword phrases, and 10 long tail keyword phrases for the niche.  Find the main keywords by search counts using SEOBook and Google Keyword Tool (both free) and then drill down on each of the main keywords to locate more phrases and expand to long tail versions.  The only way to become skilled at choosing keywords is to do it again and again until you begin to recognize patterns of searches and potential of keyword phrases.

Build a good site or blog

A good site doesn’t need fancy flashing banners or loud colors screaming “look at me”.  It needs good navigation from one page to another, the substance of 20 or more pages of original content about the niche and must load quickly in browsers of your visitors Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale!.

Everything on the site should be focused to meet the goal you have for that site.   If adsense is your income model, learn to blend ads, test to see which ads are more profitable.   Don’t plaster your pages with multiple ad blocks but balance the ads with interesting text.

Curbing the Enthusiasm

Your site will not become a top ranked site in a day, a week or a month.   When marketers tell you “it takes time to earn from adsense” they don’t mean 3 days.  No matter how hard you push your new site, it will not be older than it is.   In fact, attempting to manipulate ranking of a new site can hurt that site’s chances in the search engines.

Goals for clicks per day or money per month are dreams.  A workable goal will define how many articles you will write per week, what type of web 2.0 promotions you will pursue and how many backlinks you plan to acquire daily or weekly.  If you follow your plan of adding content and promoting your site on a weekly basis, the rank of the site will improve.

  If you throw up a fast site with little effort on your part to “see if it works” you will be disappointed.  Your site is the foundation of your business – so put some effort into it and get it right.  Launch the site when you have the first five pages of content ready and then add content every day or two until the site has some weight (20-30 pages). 

Installing analytics is often suggested and Google analytics can give real insight into what the viewer experience is on your site.  Problems arise when studying the analytics takes time away from continuing to build the site.  You can analytic programs later but might want to forget about them until your site begins to gain momentum.

New marketers are often concerned about Google’s practice of banning accounts for what seems like slight infractions.  You can build a good business by operating on fear.  Read the terms of service for Google and for any affiliate site you sign up for.  If you are building sites for adsense income, using well written, interesting content that is well targeted to the subject offers some protection for the site owner. 

It provides a good, clean site where changes could quickly change the site from adsense focus to sales of affiliate product

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