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3 Deadly Autoblogging Mistakes You Must Avoid:

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Creating autoblogs is very popular today – and for good reason. The blogs grow on their own and maintain themselves. This can be a great way to create some extra passive income (especially if you target the right niche and keywords).

But 95% of autoblog owners make several serious mistakes (and then they complain about luck of positive results).

Here are 3 common mistakes:

*** Mistake #1: Using only text:

Text is still popular – but it’s losing popularity to video – and fast. People don’t just want to read words on a screen any more. Heck, many of them hate reading in the first place.

If you asked 100 random people on the street, how many of them would have even heard of a site like EzineArticles? Not many (if any). But how many will say they have heard of Youtube? Almost everybody.

Do you think people in general tend to read books or watch TV? I rest my case.

Video is much more engaging. It can include words, pictures, motion, sound and music.

Whatever will draw and keep the attention of your prospects and customers – you should include on your autoblogs.

*** Mistake #2: Getting untargeted content:

The trap to having plugins “decide” what content they bring in every day is that they can fetch really untargeted content sometimes.

A piece of content (text, video etc) may contain some words related to the main keywords of your site. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your blog visitors will find it relevant.


Keyword: Microsoft windows – Content: Aluminum windows

Keyword: Greyhound puppies – Content: Greyhound busses

Keyword: Dog training tips – Content: Cat training tips and dog food

Being able to specify an “exact match” search as well as define negative keywords (for example: cat), can do wonders for the relavancy of your blog. Happy visitors are repeat visitors…

*** Mistake #3: Posting content under the default blog category:

Search ngines like Google want to see properly organised content. One way they do that is by deciding what are the main “themes” that a site uses.

You may have heard of the “silo” structure. Instead of having a site with 30 different unrelated pages, all the content is organised logically. For example:

Category 1: Dog Training – Keywords: dog training tips, dog training collar, dog training books

Category 2: Puppy Training – Keywords: how to train a puppy, puppy training pads, puppy potty training

Category 3: Dog Aggression – Keywords: aggressive dogs, aggressive dog training, stop dog aggression

Using such a structure will ensure that your visitors and the search engines find the content they want on your blog faster.

Autoblogging doesn’t have to be hard. It can literally be brain-dead simple and easy. All you need to do is follow some basic rules. Sometimes people forget the “basics” and get confused with the “advanced” stuff that there’s no real need for…

Happy autoblogging.

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